The Basement Company

Searchers is a new music theatre work comprised of live original music, text, movement and images. It tells the story of six troubled characters who embark on personal journeys in search of America.  On the open road, they encounter each other and form unlikely alliances.  Their travels take them back through history, into the west and to places undiscovered. What they find is an America of myth, legend and ultimately, illusions.


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The Basement Company is based in Seattle, Washington. Since 2006, we have produced and presented numerous original theatre works, music events and media projects locally and internationally, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals three times. The ensemble is led by founder Andrew Tsao, Jonathan Shue (music), Elizabeth Schiffler (operations) and Taige Lauren (Curation). Our work combines live original music, theatrical performance and media on stage. We are where the literary, the poetic, the rock concert and the cinematic impulse foment, much like living things left in the basement that are always threatening to emerge.


Creativity, curation and collaboration are constantly on our minds. Come join us in the basement if you know how to work in the dark.